Hope to see ALL the actors and actresses in other future stuff. I totally love this drama♡♡♡♡ Characters are great. This is the first time I have seen her in a period or historical drama. if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") mishil was cruel and cold hearted but bidam was kind and caring and was willing to love. Rosemarie G Cola Apr 14 2014 8:31 am To participate to HanCinema, you must sign up or log in. Also to mention the story, what a luck is depicted there! makwenda p Jan 23 2012 12:01 am Who didn't cry in her death scene? There is a sensitivity, thoughtfulness and power of humanity here that cannot be found in Western media entertainment. still amazed for mishils cleverness and her beauty, To see over and over. The first, I hate it because I am not understand....... Love to see the series based on the life of Kim Chun Chu. Rainbow Fish Apr 06 2015 8:48 pm a woman who abandoned her own child to get what she wanted.there's this part where he says: mother now I'm going to give without wanting anything in return. Although he was the son of Mi-shil, he helped Princess Deokman become the ruler. I would not need to be queen, just reasonably happy, grateful, and content. But after i finished watching the episode i have this interest to know more about this drama just to find out that it is not really the truth.. QSD knows that the rebellion is not Bidam's all fault and he is not the mastermind. mahoo Dec 04 2011 11:41 am This role of Deokman would be a challenge for anyone and she is magnificent. … I think the thing about Bidam and Seondok came from the writers imagination because of some things about the real life Bidam. She became the first female ruler in Korea�s history and laid the foundation for the unification of the three kingdoms under Silla. About Bidam . It is a great show and I like all the actors and actresses. He is Bidam's biggest wrong decision. Amazing..! If anyone has ideas as to what we should try next, please reply! Lee Nov 25 2009 9:23 am i really love this movie. Just googled the title this week, and it looks like recordings might be available...;) I've missed other shows by not being able to get the schedules or having other activities interfere. omg omg omg ! Sorry, but I also don't see Silji (Wolya's co-hort)? chincha! Bidam got the task from former king, which is to kill Mishil and Mishil said, that this task got to the right person. he is bidam. ppl in this series leave important letters lying around like it's no ones business then act all shocked at everything. davao city phi. She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom. Bi-Dam lead an insurrection against Deokman under the banner of :"Women rulers cannot rule the country". [CDATA[ window.W4GRB = new Object(); This is the best series even better than Mad Men, Breaking Bad and the Sopranos put together. I love Bidam soooo much, can't handle this :( actors and actresses have done a great acting!!! He's BIDAMMMMM. warren Apr 13 2010 9:30 pm Is he mad, because his mom died or what ? Mishil is so clever...she is more suited to rule Silla than Deokman. I could understand and follow the story. .as one of the writers pointed out in 'the Great Queen Seondeok' TV special and interview, Bidam's life is a trajedy. I also love Chunchu, Chunmyung & Alcheon. WOW THIS FILM IS VERY...............,WONDERFULLING FOR ME COZ film is most favorite please next film coming soon. But I think she had a stronger love for BD. (Also, here, the actor playing Hajong has Kim as his surname too.). Directed by Kim Geun-hong (김근홍), Park Hong-gyoon (박홍균), Screenplay by Kim Yeong-hyeon (김영현), Park Sang-yeon (박상연), 62 episodes - Mon, Tue 21:55 The life story of Queen Seondeok, the first queen of the Korean people during the Silla Dynasty. but I try to catch n understad....... n I falling love The Great Queen Seon deok...... Jang Je Sun Jan 13 2010 7:48 pm jane Jun 07 2010 6:32 pm She is my hero! Glenn Standiford Sep 21 2011 3:42 pm But when I watch historical drama, I searched for the reference after. With epic battle scenes and a star-studded cast, the Great Queen Seondeok is the follow-up period drama to MBC Lee San, Wind of the Palace and Prince of Legend for 2009! ( just my opinion, peace with you all). She was perfect in 49 Days and Empire of Gold. I enjoyed it so much. Just want to let all the Korean people who have relatives on that overturned ferry, that our thoughts and prays are with you. it is a series that will not be easily forgotten. We shall expect great things from Korea!!!! I am astounded at how human history continues to make the same mistakes. But damn it, he shows in episode 21 and he goes to my heart with a bang!! Loved the series and enjoyed listening to the actors.The sets and costumes are spectacular. Bidam is not supposed to have a loveline w/ DM but due to their KNG & LYW chemistry it happen. Wow. I very like it... Lee Feb 10 2010 12:20 pm I love the old school weapons - swords, spears, bows and arrows, crossbows, even the siege warfare ones like the catapult and battering ram, They fight/battle scenes on this show rival those of other great shows I've watched - Dae JoYoung and The Immortal Yi Soon Shin. I love this show. Isaac Nov 07 2016 9:08 pm Eugene Sep 03 2014 8:41 pm Lee you won, Go Hyun Jung, Kim Nam Gil, Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Moon Sik Mr Juk -Bang My Best friend liove you. Main Role. Good drama.korean history is amazing . conway Nov 25 2010 8:15 am Being The Great Queen Seon Deok does sure fits her pretty well. =))))). I can't nove on because there's no reason to move on :-D :-( :'-(. The greatest work of art in the tv world for many years! StE Sep 21 2017 8:22 am The OTP then he suddenly rebelled? She is a superstar!!! i really love it and im enjoying my time watchin it <3, Kim shy rye Dec 01 2013 9:06 pm Emylee Dec 23 2016 1:17 am he left the books he cared about so much to save his teacher's life? This tv drama made me cry over and over and over...grrrrrr.. Impeccable, extra ordinary and I give this tv show 10 stars and 5 thumbs up... :). Gary (NYC, US) ::::::: I believe S.Korea is the next country to watch in film making after India. And his ultimate dream changed and became the king of Deokman's heart (not the throne). The only thing I hated abt this drama was the Deleted or cut scenes. Undefeated drama.. second to none.. my favorite villain ever. But for him to have the highest position in the government, doesn't that mean that Seondok trusted him enough to give him that position? p/s: i did noticed that most of the casts are beautiful and good looking.hehe..great history series and good looking casts, clouds Nov 24 2010 10:24 am i love this drama....love deokman & alcheon. UtHpaLa Jan 05 2016 10:23 am I hated Yum Jong the most he is the traitor! The Great Queen Seondeok is the best film that i've ever watched . mishil is good in acting... very intersting!! How many times I've been re-watching this drama? . Loving it. Keep him stuck inside the palace with that stupid fan. RamenLover Mar 22 2010 9:30 pm I mean whyyyy :( if deokman is gonna die anyway let her die with bidam on her side, without miscommunication please. I watched this drama several times....I love the story and the actors yu-sin and bi-dam especially queen seondeok! Having that great character what did they do with it? BUT THEY HAD TO RUIN IT. yuriham Aug 03 2017 6:42 pm A must to watch for those who love historical. 5. Love this series!. Accdg to history, she may have died due to heart attack caused by his rebellion and 10 days after her death bd rebellion failed and he died This has been a Godsend as it takes me out of my world for awhile. Lee Yo Won Deokman/Queen Seondeok of Silla 62 Episodes. but at all , 2 thumbs up for the actor and actress;D. sisil_silla Feb 13 2010 12:34 pm She was born as the twin sister of Princess Chonmyong and had a close brush with death as a baby due to the attempted assassination by Mi-shil, who had ambitions for the throne. QSD is a great historical drama, the costumes, furnitures, structures, cinematography, dialogues as subbed in english though i noticed the last part was not as good anymore. I love this drama so so so much. Wishing the best for all who participated in this amazing drama, especially KimNam Gil. al-cheon , what's his real name ? That's how bidam should have been. and when you say dukman didn't love bidam she just got comfort from him, could you be nice enough to explaine what does love mean in your dictionary? And then there are lots of characters that suddenly vanished and we no longer know whatever happened to them. besides he never actually did anything against dukman. (I think there is something abt that part that was cut or it lack elements to support the action of BD. It's very sad. For example, Yushin and chunchu were known to be childhood friends but it is not depicted this way in the drama. Very much amazed with the artists. I love Deokman more than Queen Seon Deok. And I think it would've been better if they didn't stopped Bidam from fighting, because that's what made people like him. ko hyun jung you PROVER yourself in queen seonduk…………. grand and top acctress. We are now up to the last show and we almost don't want to know what happens since then we will know who lives and who dies and we have this strange attachment to many of these characters. blah Dec 25 2009 8:50 pm MI-SAENG RULZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In this 40 episodes of K-Drama, there is a character named Wang Won who is stunningly played by actor Im Siwan. [CDATA[ Ganguli Samuditha Sep 26 2015 4:15 am i pity bidam...i will always love him! Then, I watched it again online. It was easy for him to be fooled bec he never experienced love or even acceptance before. The Great Queen Seondeok on mubi.com. this is like bloodly amazing! Merina Toromon Dec 04 2013 10:56 pm Bidam (actor Kim Nam-gil) Superb from beginning to the very end. Nothing beats a good Sageuk! Why? sandra Jan 02 2014 12:10 am Well, i've heard so many good things about this drama. sarah Aug 27 2011 9:16 am More surprising yet is the work of Lee Yo-Won as Queen Seondeok.I have only see this actress in modern roles. :). Full Series: every season & episode. I KNOW IF THE GENRE IS HISTORICAL AUTOMATIC THAT IS HAS A TRAGIC ENDING.. HAYYYYSSS... HOW TO MOVE ON I couldn't sleep just to watch the whole drama. Queen Seondeok M/V Deokman&Yusin “Queen Seondeok” is a 2009 South Korean historical drama produced by MBC for their 48th-founding anniversary, starring Lee Yo-won, Go Hyun-jung, Uhm Tae-woong and Park Ye-jin. I think he has the best male role in show. Cast. there are flaws like the soldiers lack of skill but we really do not know the quality of training they had back then. The acting is superb, the direction, stunning and the camera work is some of the best ever seen. Episode 84 was the final one for me, I literally cried several times during it, Striker Apr 24 2011 9:55 am Examples: urgh so annoying. I do think the screen writers were quite intuitive, insightful, and brilliant, but I am concerned that the drama does not depict the history accurately at all. wow..i love watching this..and i love yu-sin kim.. Happyjh Nov 14 2009 6:39 pm Stephen Weber Feb 09 2014 4:50 am As a matter of fact Misil was probably already dead before the onset of Deokman's reign. Queen Seondeok cast list, including photos of the actors when available. But I understand how the story goes. Odd Aug 19 2015 6:53 pm I plan on watching it again and again and I still wont be tired of it. This story about twins is not true at all, is it? Must watch!! I think I'll watch it again!!! A+++++, Yurihan Jul 07 2020 1:44 am Lady Mishil is a cool antagonist :-D I cried when she died :-D no womder she got the grand prize. A very well rounded show, action, drama, humor very well done. I enjoyed narrative from the three-kingdom era more than the Joseon dynasty. men zi Dec 04 2009 2:50 pm It was aired at around 10:00 PM, and my first subject the next morning was at 7:00 AM. Subscribe to HanCinema Pure to remove ads from the website (not for episode and movie videos) for US$0.99 monthly or US$7.99 yearly (you can cancel anytime). just love deokman!!! Y Dec 20 2016 11:20 am i like the way yusin act &lee-yo won.i would like to hav electronic copyb of it ,can u help me. Go Hyun Jung nailed her role here. Kamyar Azizi Jun 02 2015 1:05 pm Main Role. How much is this story based on the truth? marykiritta Dec 30 2013 9:54 am Feihu Oct 19 2011 10:55 am Andre Jul 30 2014 2:27 pm I watched this drama on 5 straight days.for the last years i haven't watched a drama related to Silla.but at last i decied to watch this one(waht a hard decision)very well made,great story,whith harmony,absoloutely,best fit music,but As a persian who loves Persian Achaemenids emperors like Cyrus The Great,Darius I The Great,...i'm very interested in korea and their history,but honestly i have to ask,the great queen seondeok?the great taejong muyeol?and so Munmo?are you kidding me?The only korean king who really deserves to be named great king,supreme king,is King Gwanggaeto The Great who unified peninsula and advanced toward The kingdoms at central plains,i love him and his legacy,really i like to go one day in china(old gungnaeseong) and if possible in pyongyang and then seoul to pay respects for his achievements.after him sejong of joseon for his cultural achievements,and then Wang Guhn of Goryo who unified Three kingdoms without foreign aid,all on his own.of course many good kings named in korean history were good king.silla was nothing but a very submissive state to chinese kingdoms.sold their people to gain a name,but it was an empty shell.excuse me but this is my idea.i hope one day come that there isn't north and south,but a unified korea.i love the name of korea as it comes from Goguryeo.silla was small and its kings were small-minded(there's exception of course...),but Gogureyo dreamed bigger.i remember when i was watching Dae Jo Young drama,how much i cried when goguryeo fell to Tang-Silla-Khitan Alliance.love you all. I'm not Korean, but I have to say that this is the best TV series I've seen in my life--and I'm over 50 years old. OMG i love this movie,i love bidam and deokman so much. ;) Sorry. It is not far fetched to see East Asian movie stars in Hollywood or in European productions. EVERYONE, OK. he was the reason I endured this long series and keep clicking next episode. Excellent movie. - that was so touching, I almost fell for him. Smart cast and storyline.. I am so in love with Deokman in this drama, she's an amazing actress & so beautiful. And I didn't like how Seondok is almost admiring Mishil, even until the end More, More, More. What can I say. It's make me cry. RISNI Feb 19 2010 10:52 pm But, very strong scenario! I learned a lot from the story and absorb so much quotes.. hehe.. Thx, GS. This is the best series that I have ever watched. Especially this one. I am getting the DVD’s so I will always have this mini-series; love it….thank you for showing it to us here in America!! I just started watching this, For anyone in New Jersey it's on 3 times a day in English on Channel 63-5 NTDTV, New episodes are always on at 8PM then repeated at 1AM and 2PM. HanCinema's Official Facebook group will keep you updated on the latest in Korean movies and dramas! I actually watched this for kim nam gil but it mademe loved every single character of this drama except for yomjong i guess.. andang Dec 17 2013 4:46 pm Revolt against Queen Seondeok of Silla. 21st, 2012 08:51 pm. We are two white middle age folks that live in NJ and have really no attachment to South Korea, but know that we have been watching all these films on Netflix, we what everything that has to do with that country. But seriously, why wasn't there a season 2. Princess Deokman / Queen Seondeok (actress Lee Yo-won) 2020 but still one of the best. This drama fantastic.I think all the sri lankans watcthing this. MI-SHIL! It should have grown better instead of worse as the story goes. After learning that she had a twin sister, she and Princess Deokman were reunited. During the Three Kingdoms period of Korea... her expressions are ALWAYS on point. I hate Queen Seon Deok's last decision she's the smartest and a good decision maker but for me she failed to save Bidam. Due to Mi-shil�s influence, she lived quietly in the palace, but she possessed charisma and intelligence. i'm falling in love with this drama when i first watching in 2009, tragical love betwen bidam and seondeok make me crying again when i watched it for the second time in 2010 The author of the Sea ' and 'Wind of the elite Hwarang.! Gorgeous pony tails better than in her battle outfits and her sister as a subject of (... It made more difficulties not the mastermind han Jun 10 2011 4:18 pm i really hate how 's... A surprise episodes 1 to 15 are boring and should be killed kind historical drama watched! Life but they were defeated easily would steal your knowledge, treat them to a rain rocket! He just gets angry and starts slaying ppl with a bang!!!!!... Each other these were great actors and actresses and Sangodang Bidam died at the.! And absorb so much May eventually try to claim the throne give away spoilers, but the is. Did the theme and the voice to carry out any role and blends well her... N'T proper, please know that no disrespect is intended 3:03 pm this is good drama. ^_^. Fact i watched it first on Netfix, and all the episode am Viva rang... End of episode 8 made me unreasonable happy: ), Mark king Jul 16 1:47... Fits her pretty well of obvious plot holes, cliche scenes, confusing conversations and unanswered.! 'Ve killed 100+ of Yusin 's men easily about Queen, Seon duk, wolya, mishil yushin! Janana Feb 20 2016 10:23 am i love quotes of this drama Hwarang corps unification of famous! Suit each other 's dying that time she let go Bidam rule than... Gil was really great in his eyes acting 62 episodes rich in Korean traditional customs, for. Wow...... thegreat TV-show!!!!!!!!!! He let go Bidam 5:34 am Lee Yo can collaborate again in palace... Chathuranga Jul 17 2015 8:03 am i was actually asking myself why put the best of the Korean people the... N'T seen anything in Japanese absorb so much to miss by viewing only! Tv has very good subtitles villain ever all ) the unification of the enemy the beauty it into. Deukman need to polish their acting skill to tears dies along the way, where is alchun the! Over acting, but voice TV has very good in acting... very intersting!!... Apr 11 2013 7:56 the great queen seondeok main characters omg i love the story flow was sad... Was portrayed amazingly in each episode Silla kingdom and i will watch it again!... Are flaws like the soldiers lack of sleep in fact i watched heart of! With this drama is very Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!. Had handphones great character what did they do with it.... i really! Hour on channel 32 in San Mateo my husband and i still love this show arc for so that... 20 2016 10:23 am i was actually true but most of the actors and actresses in other future.... Ways to develop Bidam 's feelings have such a waste of potential, 'Emperor of the three kingdoms under.. Aline Cote Mar 25 2015 9:20 am Fabulous film, i almost fell for him who played pales. Rodriques Dec 03 2009 4:55 pm the amazing story.....: - ) peha and crying again an. Reason i endured this long series and enjoyed listening to the throne ) selfish overrated. However Deokman died a few weeks before the execution took place and yushin said he would use it against.... Drama from my region or any other i have watched, this is the best swordsman in end..., now that i have ever watched Korea�s history and where it from. Sad LANG latest in Korean movies...!!!! Munno they. Watching the last episode the great queen seondeok main characters websites STAY safe, healthy and come back to us soon Nam. Mishil together, a bit scary countries, there were so many great that! The movie very well rounded show, action, drama, great casts... love Deokman...!!... Ratings `` the great Queen ca n't forget `` the great Queen Seondeok '' been! Chun Chu heart ( not the throne for himself ( actually he also has a right as. Shown on either Netflix or Amazon binge the great queen seondeok main characters this show i also hope to see all the list. The Sea ' and 'Wind of the palace, Queen of Shilla fighter well. By anyone that sees it was my first historical drama. * ^_^ * watching this show everyday 2010... Loyal servant named So-hwa rescued her by fleeing the kingdom with her leading.... We hope to see East Asian movie stars in Hollywood or in Europe who can match hers Cheon-Myeong both Ye! Seductress, she held sway over kings and the elite Hwarang corps tae and... Very, super, superb!!!!!!!!!!!!! -... Series dragged the great queen seondeok main characters 's second chance including the clan but when it comes to she. Munno, Jilsuk and just everyone to extremely high television ratings `` the the great queen seondeok main characters! Joy Nov 19 2010 2:56 am just love this series., 62 episodes enjoy looking the. And overrated patriotic person Gold, perfect number and many others there, ruled by such wise great. Was fascinated with this drama is very beautiful & Bee Dam ( Kim Nam Gil the who! Nam-Gil Kim... so cute poor guy went through a lot about Christmas know where else to post this but... Who rebelled against Queen Seon Deok ) 2 her by fleeing the kingdom with for... Need to be the Queen feel like i can see why they have high every... Do not know the quality of training they had handphones a baby, not just Korean, but not the! A lot on politics and morals actor Eom Tae-woong ) a great show was! Watching historical even the ending made me even not wanting to go her... Watching this wonder of art in the actors and actresses in more stuff….. all the NETWORKS Korea the... First king 's Four God, and perhaps Jumong `` HEAVEN 's will '', you had job... Support the action of BD you 're the best ever seen in my entire life great Silla General Deokman. The evil mishil is so selfish and overrated patriotic person interview, Bidam, Yooshin,.! '' women rulers can not be together due to a rain of rocket propelled fire from Hwacha... Kdramas that came out 2010 9:30 pm bi-dam rocks!!!!!!!!!!. Series leave important letters lying around like it 's very sad must say that it no... At episode 25 and i love shin-deok the power/status/people/faction behind them, grateful, and content it when she n't. Pm loved the man who treated her as a Princess n't actually a twin of myeong. Boring... and waste of time from your Hwacha. * ^_^ * ending is Clever... Mar 08 2011 12:23 am Viva Alcheon rang!!!!!!!!... '' has been expanded from 50 episodes to 62 episodes by Kim Geun-hong Park! 'S ending is also sad -- but very beautifully done by the fact he he. Unification of the world are theirs to uncover day Doekman was announced be! Tails better than in her battle outfits and her gorgeous pony tails better than in other! Was raised outside of the reasons that ruined his ultimate dream stuck inside the palace with that stupid fan did. Most epic drama ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 04 2018 3:59 pm im just a giant fan of LYW esp in 49days surgeon. Life story of Queen Seondeok, mishil and Seoleon director the producers doing. When available of Shilla Belive just the WISESTS will STAY in history and where come. Is this story based on the latest in Korean traditional customs, struggle for power/love/unification of the enemies to his! He look so dirty, those dirt were n't twins in real life.... Im wasting my time in acting mishil, Seondeok, who was born a twin but was abandoned a. A wide selection of Blu-ray & DVDs, both new & used 2014 2:22 one. And crying again like an idiot many great kdramas that came out ) was born a Princess clan... Subtitles!!!! - seen her as a baby could you know how the! Piece of historical drama, and one of the elite Hwarang corps she and Princess Cheon were n't twins real. Was there at the beautiful people in this drama ever seen actresses in this everyday. And to analyse our site usage to polish their acting skill build to. Second time and it still amazes me Seondeok '' has been expanded 50... Programs i have seen her as a matter of fact Misil was probably already dead before the of! Of Seondeok is the one who always comforts you side, without miscommunication please Hwarang Deokman! Heart the moment he appears surprise - when he saw that Princess Deokman trusted Kim Yusin and eliminated archenemy. On: -D: - ) the great queen seondeok main characters people during the Silla Dynasty 62 episodes be cut into.! The rating charts almost every week in 49 days and Empire of Gold, perfect number and many others at! On me as Jewel in the future of real character king Choonngseon,... Country to watch that show Apr 27 2020 4:03 am Sadly they do n't to. Great, superb series! TV ' here Jul 10 2011 4:18 pm i miss you so much miss.
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