Club Leadership

We are proud to have completed more than a decade of excellence - thanks to direction provided by all our previous presidents.

Year President Secretary Treasurer
2002-03 Dr. K.S. Desai H. S. Modak Vijay Kulkarni
2003-04 Vrunda S. Mohile Capt. Prasad Datar Dr. S. Dhayagude
2004-05 Vijay Kulkarni Dr. Chintamani Kale Tanvi Kulkarni
2005-06 Suresh Pimpalkhare Vidya Kulkarni Tanvi Kulkarni
2006-07 Pradeep Dixit Vinayak Sahasrabudhe Dr. Sudir Joshi
2007-08 Vinayak Sahasrabudhe Tanvi Kulkarni Sandhya Samudra
2008-09 Anand Limaye Vijay Kulkarni Sandhya Samudra
2009-10 Prakash Samudra Vijay Kulkarni K Suryakumar
2010-11 Vidya Kulkarni K Suryakumar Swati Yande
2011-12 Krishna Suryakumar Vinayak Sahasrabudhe Sandhya Samudra
2012-13 Uma Sahasrabudhe S. Venkateswaran Sandhya Samudra
2013-14 S. Venkateswaran Swati Yande Smita Apate
2014-15 Manoj Kshirsagar Dhananjay Patwardhan Sandhya Samudra
2015-16 Dhananjay Patwardhan Chandrashekhar Apte Sandhya Samudra
2016-17 Chandrashekhar Apte Abhishek Shah Sandhya Samudra
2017-18 Abhishek Shah Usha Seshan Vandana Rajhansa
2018-19 Sandhya Samudra K Suryakumar Vandana Rajhansa
2019-20 Varsha Parulekar Usha Seshan Vandana Rajhansa

Team up for Humanity

We have excellent Partners in Service like NASEOH, Bombay Physical Cultural Association (BPCA) with whom we team up for various humanitarian projects of social relevance.


FCRA Approval

A golden opportunity for our associates, friends, relatives from all over the world to extend their generosity


Rotary Community Corps

Our plan is to empower the villagers in Shisne, Dahanu Taluka, Maharashtra, for sustained economic and community wellbeing through setting up a Rotary Community Corps (RCC)

Next Gen

We take pride in having sponsored Rotaract Club of Ramnarain Ruia College, an institution based Rotaract attached to Ruia College, Matunga, Mumbai, which was recently awarded the best college in Maharashtra.