District Grant Project – Digital Classrooms


Sunday, April 29, 2018

At RCMM, we all unanimously agree to any project which will benefit to young children in their education, which is their primary need. RCMM had put up an application for District Grant for providing e-Learning kits – Digital Classrooms along with solar panels at five Rural Tribal schools, Rajgurunagar, Pune. We took help of The Bombay Mothers and Children Welfare Society (BMCWS) in execution as they have been working on such projects. The Installation of the e-learning kits and Solar Panel was completed during the period – April 20th to May 5th 2018.
 Following schools are equipped with e-Learning Kit and Solar Panels to provide energy required for the kit.

  1. Zilha Parishad Primary School at Saygoan
  2. Zilha Parishad Primary School at Jabhuldara
  3. Zilha Parishad Primary School at Kelgoan
  4. Zilha Parishad Primary School at Gulani
  5. Zilha Parishad Primary School at Akhawadi

Inauguration was scheduled on 29th April at Kalegoan School. Good number of RCMM members joined at 6:30 am for travelling to Rajgurunagar. We reached by 11 am at Rajgurunagar. On the way We picked up representatives from Bombay Mothers and Children Welfare Society, who work at the ground level. BMCWS has around 40+ people working at their main office in Parel and some 144+ field workers working in the 80 villages and 129 schools.
We reached the school around 11:30. A good crowd of children dressed in their school uniforms were waiting patiently, in spite of being vacation time for them. The school teachers and Zilla Parishad people were also present.
The program started with an invocation of the Goddess of Learning - Saraswati Puja. Then the school teachers spoke how they had requested for the e-Learning kit around two years back and were grateful to Rotary Club of Mumbai Mahim and BMCWS for providing them the same. The school welcomed all the members with a flower and coconut. This was followed by a good interaction with the children.
They sang a few songs and danced to traditional Marathi folklore. Some kids said Maths was their favourite and recited some tables. RCMM team had collected some good number of short story books for the school library. This was handed over to the school. We distributed a Compass as a gift to all students. The children enjoyed the interaction. This was followed by the inauguration of the e-learning kit. We went through a couple of lessons. Summar camp is going on for the girl children and they showcased some of the handiwork that they had learnt and done as part of the summer camp. Rtn Pratibha mentioned that such camps should be run for the boys also which might include sports and some handiwork suitable for them.
RCMM members enjoyed spending time with children. We also visited another school being supported by BMCWS, which was painted and made beautiful and attractive for the kids. 
 It was a good project event and well attended by our members.


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