Drawing and Slogan Competition


Friday, November 15, 2019

Drawing is all about forming an idea, being perfect isn’t what art is about, it’s the freedom of creating an idea an expression of oneself.  Under the District Initiative, Drawing and slogan competition was held by RCMM in 3 schools – Kamala Mehta School, Premier School and AmulakSchool, comprising of 800 students. Topics were given by District and it was expected students come up with their ideas of drawing along with appropriate slogan for the drawing.
The competition was held for two categories -  students from  5th, 6th and 7th one group and 8th, 9th and 10thformed another group. The enthusiasm of the school authorities the principal, teachers and students was tremendous. It was indeed admirable to see the young talent, their creativity, their visualization, smooth strokes of the hand and the  apt coloursused for the drawing.
The drawing and the slogan depicted what exactly is the mindset of young children of India and their concern for the misappropriations and concerns in our society. Topics were …………

- JaagoGrahakJago

- Right to Good Food and Education

- Right to Good Health

- Fake Advertisement

- Ethics and Values

- Media Advertisement

- MeraHaqMy Right.
Students did full justice to the topics given and they proved  the  phrase  ' A picture speaks a thousand words’. 
Kamala Mehta School at DadarEast  it was altogether different as the school caters for visually challenged girl students. It was challenge to RCMM members to conduct the competition. It was organized for students from 5th, 6th, 7thand 8thclass on 15thNovember, 2019. To facilitate the students for colouring, Rtns. Neeta and Julinapre-drew the pictures  and thick thread was stuck at the boundaries of different sections of drawings.
It was great experience to all the Rotarians to see how enthusiastically all the students  colouredthe pictures. The RCMM members will treasure this experience and will definitely come forward to give more such pleasure to these kids who wait to experience life through another person's effort.
The award distribution ceremony was held on 28thNovember, 2019 by RCMM at Premier School and AmulakSchool. For Kamala Mehta School, results were declared the same day of competition. Vanaja, wife of Rtn. Suryakumar, Rtns. Vidulaand Neeta evaluated the drawings. Rtn. Suresh Murarka, District Vocational Avenue Chair was present through out the day at Kamala Mehta School and was very appreciative. 
To our pleasant surprise students came up with brilliant ideas, Kartavya– Interact President from Premier School bagged the first prize from 48,000 students at District Level. He expressed very aptly “Education is My Right & I Have Right to Good Food”. Two of the girl students MuskanPatidarand TamannaRathodfrom Kamala Mehta school are also selected at District Level for Colouringthe Drawing, recommendation by Rtn. Murarka, District Vocational Avenue Chair. 


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