Improving Patient Safety and Care - Distribution of Pulse Oximeter


Monday, November 29, 2021

With Corona Virus around, it has become very essential to pay at most attention to Patient Safety and Care. According to Health Department sources, falling of oxygen levels in blood cells and tissues below 94%, called hypoxia, is a major reason of death among the infected population.
At RCMM we received the request from SomaiyaSchool of Physiotherapy for Pulse Oximetersthrough Rtn. Dr. HemangeeDhavale. Due to CovidPandemic, they wanted Oximeterson urgent basis because Post Covidpatient requires lot of respiratory exercises.
The Pulse Oximetershelp to keep track of the oxygen levels in blood. If asymptomatic people develop COVID-19 pneumonia conditions, they can be hospitalized in the early stage itself.
Rtn. Suryakumartook the initiative in understanding the requirements and procuring the same. Total of 5 Pulse  Oximeterswere handed over to Somaiya.


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