Jeena Isika Nam Hai - Awareness Programme on Organ Donation


Friday, January 23, 2015

What started as a simple germ of an idea turned out to be the signature project of RCMM.
This resulted in our unique programme “JEENA ISIKA NAAM HAI-AN AWARENESS PROGRAMME ON ORGAN DONATION”. On Friday the 23rd January, 2015 at Mysore Association Hall.  
The programme was in two parts, a technical session part devoted to the presentation by doctors and the second part a light musical programme by the budding singers from our club in tune with the theme of the programme-a gift of life.
 To propagate this noble cause RCMM along with Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee of Sion Hospital organised this awareness programme. We not only invited a panel of expert doctors but invited the recipients to share their life enabling experiences so that a powerful impact can be generated in our community to widely propagate and put into practice this noble act.
Dr. Umesh Oza spoke on kidney transplantation. The survival rate is more than 90%.Kindey transplant is done both from live patients and from cadaver transplants. In India 90% is from live patients. The need of the hour is educate the general pubic on the importance and need for donation from dead patients. In India only 6000 transplantations are done while the waiting list is for around 150,000 patients. Transplantation is the only alternative to lifelong dialysis treatment.
 Dr. Surendra Kumar Mathur gave an excellent overview on Liver transplantation. One organ can save eight lives is truly applicable for the liver. It is a unique organ and has eight parts which can be removed in parts to save lives of others. It has the ability to regenerate itself and grow to 90% of its volume. Liver transplantation is one of the most complicated surgeries. Fortunately India has a fairly good number of competent surgeons to accomplish this task. Only a simple blood matching criteria is required for this complicated surgery.
Dr. Sheela Kerkar gave excellent talk on eye donation especially replacement of corneas and how this procedure gives the gift of sight and a second chance to live a normal life.
We had a moving scene when our club felicitated the family of Mr. Jamnadas Palan who died a few months all of a sudden. In spite of the overwhelming shock and grief the family took the decision to donate his liver, both kidneys and cornea. The family (one of them is a Rotarian) rose to the occasion and expressed happiness that their father in death also cared about the life and wellbeing of others.
We had a jam-packed audience. Not a single seat in the 285 capacity room was empty and they sat back till the very end. At the end of the session many volunteered to fill up the pledge and donation forms and in particular a group wanted us to replicate this programme at their organisation.
 We released a souvenir to mark the occasion. It has articles by the doctors, inspiring messages from Rotary dignitaries and information dispelling myths and misconceptions regarding organ donation. Suffice to say we also made modest financial gains from the event, thanks to our sponsors and well-wishers.


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