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Vibrant Club

RCMM family has a wide spectrum of professional expertise – Medical, Engineering, and more.

Women Power

60% members are women and many of them are professionals and entrepreneurs.

Service with Passion

Majority of members participate in Club’s projects with 60% average attendance at weekly meetings.

  We seek your support to strengthen our hands to serve the cause of humanity living the Rotary Ethos – ‘Service Above Self’.  Donate Us

Helping Tribal Community at Jamshet, Dahanu

Major Patilhas been working for JamshetDongriPadain Dahanuwith the Tribal community to improve their life in general. Through RtnsKishore and VarshaRCMM got connected with Major Patiland everyone felt we should join our hands with him. In the current situation, it was best to provide them with basic necessities like groceries and to maintain the hygiene soaps etc. With help of Major Patilwe distributed to almost 500 Food and Hygiene Kits to Tribal Community at JamshetDongriPada, Dahanu.

Safeguarding the Security at the Hospitals

Hospital security arrangements keep patients, staff and visitors safe from inappropriate behavioursuch as violence and aggression.  Hospitals employ the security staff for this very purpose right at the important entry points. They are the first one to face the difficult situations.
In the present conditions of Covid– 19, how are these security personnel functioning? At RCMM we did receive a request as follows:
“Dear Members

Annadan - Food Packets Distribution

Social Activities Integration (SAI) is a non-profit organization that strives to prevent the spread of HIV /AIDS,  Cancer and also bring relief to AIDS and Cancer Patients who need support and care. They also  provide educational support. In the current situation of Novel Corona Virus, many of the daily wagers find it tough to get their daily meals and are left with hunger. One such category is female sex workers and their young children at South Mumbai. This community is badly starving due to no income. SAI is helping them by distributing food packets.


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Team up for Humanity

We have excellent Partners in Service like NASEOH, Bombay Physical Cultural Association (BPCA) with whom we team up for various humanitarian projects of social relevance.


FCRA Approval

A golden opportunity for our associates, friends, relatives from all over the world to extend their generosity


Rotary Community Corps

Our plan is to empower the villagers in Shisne, Dahanu Taluka, Maharashtra, for sustained economic and community wellbeing through setting up a Rotary Community Corps (RCC)

Next Gen

We take pride in having sponsored Rotaract Club of Ramnarain Ruia College, an institution based Rotaract attached to Ruia College, Matunga, Mumbai, which was recently awarded the best college in Maharashtra.