Safeguarding the Security at the Hospitals


Monday, April 20, 2020

Hospital security arrangements keep patients, staff and visitors safe from inappropriate behavioursuch as violence and aggression.  Hospitals employ the security staff for this very purpose right at the important entry points. They are the first one to face the difficult situations.
In the present conditions of Covid– 19, how are these security personnel functioning? At RCMM we did receive a request as follows:
“Dear Members
Sub - An appeal for support to 700 security personnel of Maharashtra Security Force (MSF)  guarding government hospitals for treating Covid19 patients.
In spite of the best effort, the Corona cases are increasing and  unfortunately,  we see an increase in the number of deaths in Mumbai City and suburbs. This has added another dimension to the machinery and   medical / non medical staff   in terms of guidelines for handling the patients in unfortunate event of death. As of now there is fear that Covid-19 could spread and attack those staff who are  handling patients
The  Maharashtra Security Force (MSF) is the authorisedgovernment security agency which is  engaged in providing security guards to almost all general hospitals in Mumbai - GT Hospital, Sir JJ Hospital, Nair Hospital, SionHospital, Saint Georges Hospital, KEM Hospital, CamaHospital and so on. Even the doctors, nurses and other hospital staff feels much safer to perform their duties in the presence of these  Guards, who support them by going out of the way.
While doing so, they never give thought of their safety nor the infection which they  may catch  any moment,  since unfortunately  they have not been provided with any safety suits or PPEs. They have already put up our requests to the respective authorities/Deans of such hospitals to provide these PPE Kits to their security  staff members , at least for those who are engaged at sensitive points viz
    A. Corona OPD
    B. Corona casualty
    C. Corona wards and others , since  their  lives are at risk.
But, unfortunately they have expressed their inability to provide such Kits as hospitals  themselves are facing acute shortage of PPE themselves.  There is urgent request from them to our Club,  to  provide them  with suitable  PPE Suits. As of now,  this is a  group of people, who are working silently without any protection right in the center of the pandemic. These are also people, who are doing yeoman service, even as they have their family to support, and go back home to. The fears and pain that this group is going through has been brought to our club notice by Mr. PradeepChavan, well wisher of our Club for more than 10 years .
He has raised awareness to this impeding problem, and sought help from organizations like us to support. We checked and found that the estimate for providing appropriate PPE protection for 700 guards will be approximately Rs. 175, 000/- . We therefore felt that we will once again approach our members for small  contribution, to meet a portion of this  cost.
Request each of our members to try and contribute their best. We look forward to a minimum support of Rs. 2,500/- per member, and balance can be provided by other well wishers of our Club  and our Trust.  This would help us to  support them immediately in this very difficult stage of CaronaPandemic
The managing committee and the Trust of our club sincerely look  forward to your kind  support, as always.
Thank you very much.”
Moment the above message was on common Whatsappgroup, members spontaneously transferred the money to Trust Account, not limiting to just Rs. 2500/-. In no time RCMM was in a position to meet the request. Team consisting of Rtns. Prakash, Varsha, Sunitaand PradeepChavanworked out the logistics and  on 20thApril, 700 Specially Designed PPE kits were delivered to Maharashtra Security Force (MSF). PPE Kit consists of a Bouffant cap, High Quality Hand Gloves, Face Shield, Shoe Cover, 3 Ply Mask. Pictures below shows the relief on everyone’s face. Now MSF Security Personnel can safely keep the hospitals safe!!!
RC Mumbai Mahimthank and salute  these security personnel, who are doing great service for the Society.


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