Why Join Rotary?

Why you should join Rotary?

  1. For Friendship : one of the most basic human needs.
  2. Business Development : Rotarians help each other and collectively help others.
  3. Personal Growth and Development : Rotary provides opportunity for continuous education in human relations.
  4. Leadership Development : One learns as to how to motivate, influence and lead leaders.
  5. Citizenship in the community : Rotary makes one a better community citizen.
  6. Continuing Education : Each week a new programme and hence members are kept up-to-date and well informed.
  7. Fun : There is fun in meetings, club projects and in service itself.
  8. Public speaking : Ample opportunity to master public speaking skills.
  9. Citizenship in the world : Rotarians can attend any of 30,000 clubs in 194 nations and geographical regions.
  10. Assistance when traveling : Again thanks to Rotary's universal presence one can expect local assistance anywhere.
  11. Entertainment : Provided by club meetings, district meetings and international conventions etc.
  12. The Development of social Skills : Rotary develops one's personality, social skills and people skills.
  13. Family Programmes : A host of activities designed to help family members in growth and the development of family values.
  14. Vocational skills : Rotary helps to make one a better doctor, lawyer, teacher etc.
  15. The development of Ethics : Rotarians are expected to be ethical in business and professional relations.
  16. Cultural Awareness : Rotary is a cross section of world's most prominent citizens from every background giving opportunity to members to come across every culture.
  17. Prestige : Rotary is the oldest and most prestigious service club in the world.
  18. Nice People : Rotarians are important people who follow the policy of 'It is nice to be important but it is important to be nice'.
  19. The absence of an “Official Creed” : Rotary has no secret hand shake, no secret policy, no official creed, no secret meeting or rituals.
  20. The Opportunity to Serve : Rotary is a service club. Its business is mankind. Its product is service.

Responsibilities of Membership 

Rotary club membership carries with it certain responsibilities.
  • Members are expected to attend weekly programs of the club. Opportunities to make up attendance include attending the regular meeting of another Rotary club, attending various other Rotary meetings, or attending a club service project authorized by the club board of directors. 
  • Members are required to pay annual dues to their clubs, their districts, and to Rotary International. 
  • Members are expected to participate in local or international activities or projects of the Rotary club. 
  • Clubs encourage members to aspire to leadership or committee roles within their clubs. 

Prospective Member Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Rotarian. Rotary International is an association of individual clubs that operate autonomously. Membership is extremely important to us, and we are always eager to hear from individuals interested in our mission and joining a Rotary club.
Our universal premise is that each club's membership constitutes an accurate representation of the business and professional population within the community served. Membership in a Rotary club requires an invitation and sponsorship by a member of the club as well as an available business or professional classification. Sometimes an individual cannot be invited or sponsored for membership.
Please provide us with your name and contact information. We will get in contact with you.

Team up for Humanity

We have excellent Partners in Service like NASEOH, Bombay Physical Cultural Association (BPCA) with whom we team up for various humanitarian projects of social relevance.


FCRA Approval

A golden opportunity for our associates, friends, relatives from all over the world to extend their generosity


Rotary Community Corps

Our plan is to empower the villagers in Shisne, Dahanu Taluka, Maharashtra, for sustained economic and community wellbeing through setting up a Rotary Community Corps (RCC)

Next Gen

We take pride in having sponsored Rotaract Club of Ramnarain Ruia College, an institution based Rotaract attached to Ruia College, Matunga, Mumbai, which was recently awarded the best college in Maharashtra.